Khao Sok Tours

Khao Sok has a wide range of tours and activities and you can discover more about beautiful Khao Sok national park.

Khao Sok Jungle Survival Experience

This is the tour to take if your staying in Khao Sok and want a real experience. The jungle offers plenty of food to eat from leaves, roots, fruits and fish to survive out in the jungle. While challenging, the jungle is not as harsh as what most foreigners might think as you will be with one of our experienced guides who will teach you how to survive and identify what you can eat.
You will also see more of the wildlife that you wouldn’t see on shorter tours as we will be in the jungle longer and go to the Khao Sok national park to see more of the rainforest.

Cost: 4,800 Baht / Person – 3 days / 2 nights, minimum 2 people
3,500 Baht / Person – 2 days / 1 night, minimum 2 people
Reasonable fitness is required.

Jungle Treks

Trek through the Khao Sok jungle with one of our English speaking guides and discover what the nature has to offer. It’s advisable to go with one of our experienced guides as they can spot the snakes and any other animals that the untrained eye would miss. You can also learn what to look out for, what you can eat to survive. Jungle treks are an amazing experience and something you won’t forget any time soon.

Cost: 900 Baht / Person – Full day, minimum 2 people or
500 Baht / Person – 1/2 day, minimum 2 people

Elephant jungle trek

Elephant jungle trekElephant trekking in the jungle is a great experience to be had. Trek through the evergreen rainforest where you will see beautiful waterfalls, trek through rivers and rubber plantations while on the back of a friendly giant. We will even go see the Mei Yai waterfall which is spectacular.

Cost: 1500 Baht / Person or 2 people for 950 Baht / Person.

Trek to the Rafflesia flower

khao sok toursThe biggest flower on earth can be found in Khao Sok, The Rafflesia Flower is a parasite plant and blooms once a year to approximately 85 cms. A must see for plant lovers.

Cost: 700 Baht / Person, minimum 2 people.

Bird Watching

If you are true bird lover, the Khao Sok national park is certainly a place for you.
Hundreds of species can be observed here as the white-rumped shama, blue-winged leafbird, black-napped monarch, bar-winged flycatcher-shrike, bulbuls, malkohas, spiderhunters, sunbirds, pitas, and kingfishers…
Our specialized guide will prepare your bird watching day(s) with you.

Cost 2000 Baht / person, minimum 2 people

Special overnight trip in the Khlong Saeng Wild life Sanctuary (the lost river)

khao sok national parkOvernight at an isolated and peaceful raft house deep in the lake. In the early morning take a second boat safari for more animal and bird spotting.

Khlong Saeng  is the  Kingdom top wildlife sanctuaries still harboring many endangered but classic Asian animals.

The Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary was once a magnificent natural watershed that provided water throughout the year to the inhabitants of the lowlands on the east side of the Thai Peninsula. It still harbors some very impressive animals such as elephant, gaur, tapir, serow, sambar, clouded leopard, sun bear, Great Argus (second largest of the pheasant family in Thailand), and the mighty king cobra– and the list goes on.

Royal Decree encompassing 1,155 square kilometers of dense forest established Khlong Saeng in 1974. The sanctuary is the biggest in the Khlong Saeng – Khao Sok Forest Complex totaling more than 5,316 square kilometers and incorporating 12 protected areas, 11 of which are terrestrial and one with offshore islands in the Andaman Sea. Its forests are predominantly moist evergreen and most of the plants and animals are of Sundaic origin with some Indochinese species interspersed

2 people – 8000baht/person
4 people – 6500 baht/person
6 people – 4500 baht/person

Night Safari

The night safari is a great experience as most of the Khao Sok’s wildlife come out to hunt at night with the cooler weather. An experienced night safari guide will take you through the jungle and may see some amazing animals. The Night Safari is really a surreal night of fun and a great experience.

Cost: 600 Baht / Person, minimum of 2 people.

Overnight camping in the jungle

A two days trek full of discoveries.

Camping in Khao Sok’s jungle is a real camping experience, discover the jungle, learn to cook with bamboo, bath with nature and sleep in a tent in the rain forest wih the wildlife with our specialized English speaking guides.

Guaranteed unforgettable experience

Cost: 2 to 3 persons: 2800 baths/person –4 persons and more: 2500 baths/person.

Canoe trip

Canoe Trip

800 baht per person minimum 2 people

Sight seeing canoeing down the Sok River is a nice and relaxing way to discover the natural beauty of the wildlife, rainforest and limestone cliffs.

Canoe down the river with our experienced English guide and see the birds, snakes, monkeys and much more.

Cost: 800 Baht / Person, minimum 2 people.

Lake trip

Lake Trip Khao SokThe lake trip will take you down he lake with a long tail boat. Might be the best way to discover Khao Sok as all you need to do is sit back and take everything in. Lunch provided at a raft house where we can relax or even go for a swim. After our lunch break we will canoe on the lake to do some trekking and cave exploring.

Cost: 1500 Baht / Person (Group)

Overnight Lake trip

Cost: 2500 / Person

River Tubing

River tubing is a lot of fun no matter what type of person you are, everybody always have a lot fun river tubing down and it will even get bumpy down the small rapids.

Cost: 350 baht / Person, minimum 4 people. Note: Not available mid December to April.

Flying frog

Flying frog a “zip cord” based adventure travel outfit.

Completely locally operated, flying frog is also very “green,” with great care taken not to harm the forest. In fact, by turning largely virgin forest into a source of income from the tourists to come to “sail” on steel cords linking the tree tops, Flying frog provides an incentive for habitat preservation.

Cost: 1000 baht per person

Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Khao SokThe Hot springs is naturally heated groundwater from the Earth’s mantle. It is a natural hot spring where the water percolates deep into the crust and is heated as it comes into contact with hot rocks.

The Hot Spring water can be from 22 and 52 degrees Celsius (68 and 114 degrees Fahrenheit) and is also great with therapeutic uses, its also just a good stress reliever to soak in the warm water.

Cost: 500 Baht, minimum 2 people.