Koh Rah

Koh Ra Island is located in Phang Nga Province in Southern Thailand and is one of the last true island gems in South Thailand. Kho Rah Island is a large and Remote Island with rainforest covered mountains that has no development so far. Koh Ra Island features different marine and terrestrial habitats, waiting to be explored. These habitats include lowland tropical rain forest, beach fringe forest, freshwater streams and marshes, coral and rocky reefs, mangroves and sea grass beds. Because of its high intact rainforest coverage, Koh Ra Island is abound with mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds, including several species of rare hornbills, hawks and eagles. Wild deer, pigs, pangolin, otters and leopard cats roam the inner areas of Koh Ra Island.

Ko Rah is also known as being one of the best places in the kingdom for bird watching and snorkeling, and is a perfect getaway for couples and families.

Koh Ra Ecolodge

The Koh Ra Ecolodge is located in the Andaman Sea of southern Thailand. If you are looking for a truly unique nature experience in Thailand, then we invite you to stay with us on Koh Ra and explore the pristine jungle, private beach, coral reefs and hidden bays of this amazing island. Our goal is to offer guests a simple yet comfortable place to stay in the heart of the most natural stretch of coastline remaining in Thailand, and the closest island to world-renowned Surin National Park. We strive to do this in a way that is sustainable and responsible by helping protect and even improve the local environment and provide benefits to the local communities that depend on the natural resources here. Click here for more information on Koh Ra Ecolodge

Bird watching in the savannahKoh Ra Eclolodge BungalowEnjoy a genuine cultural exchange at the nearby Moken villageA group prepares to go snorkeling.Diving in Thailand